Enjoy yoga

Even if you can’t bend down to touch your toes, your mind and body can quickly reap the benefits of a focused practice. I’d love for more people to enjoy the physical and mental improvements yoga has brought me.


YF classes

Yoga Felixstowe’s classes are currently held online. I teach flowing vinyasa yoga, with an emphasis on functional movement to improve strength, flexibility and stability to help our bodies move and feel better on and off the mat.  Plenty of pose repetition and options helps everyone learn and progress. Classes aren’t in any way “spiritual”. But 10/15 minutes of relaxation is an important end to every practice.


My background

I am a regular student of the amazing Katharine Lawrence of Ashtanga Yoga Ipswich. I’ve also received hundreds of hours’ tuition from acclaimed experts including Jason Crandell, David Swenson, Sarah Ramsden, Anna Ashby, Arielle Nash, Kirsten Berg, Mitchell Gold, Debbie Blunden, and Matt Ryan. I received my 200-hour teaching certification in April 2018 from world-renowned Paul Dallaghan in Thailand. I have completed intensive training in both restorative yoga with Anna Ashby and teaching yoga in sport with Sarah Ramsden. I have recently completed 300-hour advanced teacher training with the brilliant Jason Crandell.

What to expect

Four elements of yoga form the basis of our classes. Each is as important as the other.



Asana is the physical practice of yoga and is a Sanskrit word meaning pose or posture. We use various poses to gain a greater understanding of our own body and how we can apply these movement principles to our daily lives.



Calm, steady breathing during yoga helps us stay focused and promotes a feeling of wellbeing. Learning to breathe well benefits us throughout our lives. And you don’t have to sit like this to do it.



Good muscle tone helps us feel stable in our bodies and protects against injury. Don’t worry if you aren’t strong yet. We work hard to build strength and stability safely through repetition.



It’s important to lie down and let go at the end of class so our body and nervous system can integrate the benefits of the physical practice. But we aim for focused relaxation throughout classes – even during physical routines or challenging postures.